THE RYAN5: Seth, Jennifer, Abigail, Ashley, & Carson

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

The Race Clan

My little loves!

My mom is a SURVIVOR! Love her :)

My bestie :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Where has the time gone?!?!

It has been way too long and I am ready to give this blog a recap.  Okay, so here goes...

My mom and I traveled together to Puerto Rico in October, just the two of us.
It was splendid  :)

Carson started hockey.  He was on the team called Ponies.
Seriously cute with all the 4-6 year olds!  And, Ponies is free.  And, all
his brand new equipment was free.  Way to win the kids and parents over  :)
He absolutely loved it.

Ashley danced in her Winter Dance Show for Just for Kix in December.
Her Spring Dance Show is the same day as Joey & Laura's wedding - thanks to 
Melissa for taking her to and from so she can do what she loves most... DANCE!

Miss Abigail turned 11.  Yes, ELEVEN.  Crazy.  She is awesome.

My mother celebrated her final radiation treatment with a surprise from Carson and me at the clinic with a few balloons and giant hugs.  She was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer in November 2015, had lumpectomy surgery December 11, radiation for 20 days in January, and is cancer free!  God is so good.

Abby competed in her very first gymnastics meets with Twist N Tumble.
She learned so much & we all had so much fun watching her!

 First band concert!  We have a flute player in the house  :)

Seth and I traveled to Costa Rica this month for 5 nights.  It was lovely.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

School 2015-16

Abby - 5th grade
Ashley - 2nd grade

Carson - last year of preschool

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Summer 2015

Seriously, SUMMER is over... :(
Here is a recap...

Our Up North friends, the Harms Family of 5, visited us for the weekend.  Sorry, this is the best pic - one child was napping - and Abby is teaching the others how to stretch!  We had a great time together!  We also had two extra children (so... 8 kids and 4 adults) - my cousin's little ones - while they were away for the weekend.  I got my baby fix :)

Ashley's first overnight camp at Camp Omega in Waterville, MN.  The rest of us went camping with my parents... it rained ALL day Saturday.  I'd rather stay in a hotel next time  :)  Ashley LOVED camp!

Carson was in T-Ball for the first time...

And Soccer... 

We spent MANY days at the Apple Valley Aquatic Center!

Happy 4th Birthday to Lucky on June 21st!  I thought it would be fun (and cute) to make our own cake for him with a lit candle... ah, not a good idea.  He did not hesitate at all to the flame.  Burnt whiskers and so we had to blow out the candle.  Oops.

Happy 4th of July!!!  We were saddened to not spend the fireworks with Grammy Pam, as she was discharged from the hospital on this day, her birthday, and then readmitted for pulmonary embolisms.  Sucky birthday for her.  We prayed so hard.  For the first time we stayed home to watch our neighbors fireworks... worth it, and Thank God Grammy is healthy again!

Poor Ashley had a crazy, weird sickness: fever for 5 days, headache, chills, vomiting, extreme tiredness, loss of appetite, sore throat.  Yup, the white crud on her tonsils and all these symptoms were NOT strep.  Poor girl was miserable for almost a whole week.  It sucked.  Thank God she got better!

Ha!  FUN cabin time at Jim & Leslie's!!!
Face painting!!!!

Thank you Leslie for Carson's awesome fishing pole!
He caught his first fish!

We visited Grandma Sally in Redwood Falls.
We love her.

We discovered THIS for the first time in Redwood Falls.  Seriously, why didn't we know this was here?!  Beautiful.

All THREE kids went to Vacation Bible School - at two different churches!
They loved it!

Happy 8th Birthday to Ashley on July 19th!!!

Pink, Black, and White zebra party!

Miss Fashionista

Friends Party at Chute & Ladders

Happy 5th Birthday to Carson on August 4th!!!

FREE Cherry Berry on your birthday!!!
Wow, would have cost $15!  - His Fave

Ashley, Carson, and I drove to Bismarck, ND to visit our great friends!
We sure miss them.

A little paddle boating in the backyard pond

Happy birthday to Mommy on August 9th!

Family birthday party fun.
A sports theme.